Connection page help

Browsing on the transaction site
Accessing the transaction site
Information on your password
Printing a screen page
Importing data

Browsing on the transaction site
Use the mouse to change position.
When the mouse icon changes into a "hand" above an area of the screen, click to get the details of the selected area.
Use the scrollbar to the right of this page to view the whole page display.
Click the links in the navigation bar to access the various services.
To facilitate movement through the site, we suggest the configuration that is the most adapted to your browser. For more information, click the "Browsing successfully" link in the general menu.
To leave the transaction site, click the "Exit/Log out" link in the general menu.
Accessing the transaction site
Your login and your password have been sent to you by mail. Otherwise, we suggest that you contact your usual interlocutor by telephone or e-mail (if you use e-mail, you only have to click the "Contact/Contact us" hypertext in the general menu: your correspondent's e-mail address will automatically be entered).
- Enter your login
- Enter your password
- Validate after you enter this information.
When you next log in, you will be asked for a new personal password; you then access the "Change your password" screen.
- If there are multiple accounts, you access the "List of client accounts" page. You can then select the account that you want to consult. If you want to change accounts in the middle of a consultation, click on "Account list" in the general menu.

If a "Connection error" message appears:
- check the characters entered for your login and your password
- after a 2nd unsuccessful attempt, contact user assistance staff on
Information on your password
- Choose your new password:
1. The number of characters: your password must have at least 6 characters and at most 8 characters.
2. Unauthorised passwords: NATEXIS, FACTOREM, NATIXIS, FACTOR, AFFACTUR, CREANCEN, the names of the months JANUARY, FEBRUARY...), the days of the week (MONDAY, TUESDAY...).
3. Your password may be numerical or alphabetical or alphanumerical.
You can decide to change your password at any time. You only have to click the "Change your password" area in the identification pane and complete the provided text blocks.
You can get several different passwords and logins. This option allows you to attribute access to specific themes on the transaction to your employees on the basis of their functions and what they need.
Your usual interlocutor is available for more information.
Printing a screen page
There are several ways to do this:
- Click your Internet browser's general menu bar and choose "File", "Print" and "OK" or CTRL+P or click the printer icon button.
If the text is truncated on the right, click "File", "Page layout" to check the settings: the right, left, top and bottom margins are reduced as a result.
- Click the "Print" hyperlink in the general menu of the ribbon at the top of the site.
- Click the "Download in PDF format" button on pages with results tables to get a formatted version of the results. Then use the Adobe Reader ® general menu to print the document.
- Click the "Print" button at the top right of the help page window to print the help pages.
Importing data
Click the "Download in CSV format" button on pages with results tables to import the data to an Excel spreadsheet. You can then exploit the data on the basis of your needs.