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This site is secure and uses SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer).
On Internet Explorer, you have to validate the SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 options in the Display/Internet Options menu on the "Advanced" tab.
On Netscape Navigator, you will find the range of adjustments available in these options when you select the Navigator (or Communication)/Security information menu, Navigator section: Activate the SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 options

Using the transaction site
in complete security
computer drawing We want you to be able to carry out all your operations in complete confidence, whether by telephone or over the Internet.
That's why the transaction site's security is fundamental to our company.
As a client, you also have an active role to play in completely securing the information that we exchange.
Here are a few measures that we take to secure your information and our recommendations and to ensure that you use our services in complete confidence.
Resources implemented by our company
Our transaction site is a secure site. So all consultations and operations that you carry out are encrypted by means of the SSL protocol as soon as you enter your login and your confidential code.
On your computer, this means:
- seeing https:// in front of the Internet address in your browser when you are in the account consulting service.
- the key key drawing or the lock lock drawing being displayed.
What you should do
to strengthen protection of your personal information
To log in on the transaction site:
- Do not use a link from an e-mail. Instead, enter the Internet address of the site directly into your browser or store it in your bookmarks;
- Make sure that the Internet connection to the transaction site is a secure one (https and key drawing or lock drawing ).
Do not enter your login and your password on a page that is displayed after you click a link in an e-mail that your have received.
Use the "Log out/Disconnect" link in the main menu to leave the transaction site:
When you have finished viewing your accounts, use the disconnect link, which guarantees that you are bringing your connection to a complete end.
To manage your password:
- When you receive your password, change it the first time you log in and destroy the letter that you received;
- Create a password that you will be able to memorise easily but avoid ones that you are already using for other services (e-mail, for example);
- Learn your password; don't write it down, and don't give it to anyone;
- Change your password on a regular basis: the transaction site requires you to change your password every quarter;
- For security reasons, we recommend that you do not store your login and your password on your computer even if your browser suggests doing this.
- Under no circumstances will anyone from our company ask you for your password. If this should occur, do not give it to him/her and contact us.
- Report the loss or theft of information that allows you to log onto the transaction site to us immediately .
To protect your computer:
- Protect your computer from viruses by using antivirus software that you update on a regular basis;
- Protect your Internet connection by using firewall software that will only allow authorised programmes to access the Internet;
- Update your operating system on a regular when your computer encourages you to do so.
So that you are not taken advantage of by fraudsters:
Be extremely vigilant with respect to e-mails that you receive and that seem to have been sent by the transaction site or by our company.
Some fraudsters may try to take advantage of your confidence by sending you an e-mail asking you to enter your personal information (login/password to the transaction site, bank card number, etc.) on a fictitious site that looks like our company's site or like the transaction site.
- Never answer an e-mail that was supposedly sent by our company and that asks you for personal information.
- Never send your login or your password by e-mail or by telephone.
- Never enter your login, password or bank card number on a site that you have reached using a link in an e-mail.
...and stay vigilant!
Check your accounts and your most recent operations on a regular basis.
If you have any doubt whatsoever on the validity of an operation:
- Immediately change your password;

- Call our company to report it (using your usual interlocutors' numbers).

Character font

On Internet Explorer, click the "Fonts" button in the Display/Internet options menu. Choose a medium-sized font.
On Netscape Navigator, click "Aspect" and then "Font" in the Edit/Preferences menu. Select the following option: "Use document-specific fond, including dynamic fonts".

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You must also have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to be able to view downloadable PDF files.

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