Legal statements

I- Legal notices

You are currently connected to the site "", which is the exclusive property of NATIXIS FACTOR.

Company name: NATIXIS FACTOR - NATIXIS FACTOR - Public Limited Company with a capital of EUR 19,915,600, entered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under no. B 379 160 070 with Telephone no. 01 58 32 80 00
Owners of the company: NATIXIS FACTOR is wholly owned by NATIXIS, Public Limited Company with a Management Board and a Supervisory Board with a share capital of EUR 5,005,903,339.20 with its registered office at 30 avenue Pierre Mendès-France - 75013 Paris, entered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under SIREN [business registration] no. B 542 044 524
Registered office: 30 avenue Pierre Mendès-France - 75013 Paris
Intracommunity VAT no: FR 22 379 160 070
NATIXIS FACTOR is a credit institution approved in France by the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution [French Prudential Supervisory Authority], at 61 rue TAITBOUT - 75436 PARIS CEDEX 09.
In the context of its banking and finance activities, NATIXIS FACTOR is subject to the Monetary and Financial Code.
Publishing Director: M. Claude Valade, Deputy Managing Director, Natixis Factor.
Managing Editor: Mrs. Sonia Kaufman, Director of Development and Strategy, Natixis Factor.
Host: This site is hosted by Natixis, 4 rue Charles Gounod - 77185 Lognes. Tel. 01 58 19 11 00.

II- General Terms and Conditions of Use

Article 1: Purpose

The purpose of this contract is to define the general terms and conditions of operation and use of the FACTUREA Net service (hereinafter the "Service") supplied and hosted by NATIXIS FACTOR. The Service provides remote access to the factoring services of NATIXIS FACTOR, made available to the employees and representatives of its client subscribing to this service (hereinafter, the "Subscriber"). The natural persons accessing the Service on behalf of the Subscriber are hereinafter referred to as the "User(s)". By accessing the Service, it is assumed that the User has been informed of the General Terms and Conditions of Use signed by the Subscriber.

Article 2: Methods of accessing the FACTUREA Net Service

2.1 To use the Service, the Subscriber and the User shall ensure that they have an internet connection supplied by an internet provider of their choice, and SSL[Secure Sockets Layer]-compatible navigation software. Furthermore, they acknowledge that they are fully familiar with the features and limitations of the internet. Finally, they must ensure, under the responsibility of the Subscriber, the compatibility of that hardware and software with the Service.

2.2 The site is accessed through the following URL address: "" or via the hypertext link designating the section entitled "FACTUREA Net" on the NATIXIS FACTOR institutional website (

2.3 As soon as the factoring agreement is signed, NATIXIS FACTOR shall send an identification code and password to the Subscriber to access the Service (hereinafter, the "Login details"). The Subscriber is responsible for sending these Login details to Users of its choice. When logging on for the first time, Users must choose a new password. They are advised to change this password every three (3) months. The Login details are strictly confidential and Subscribers are responsible for storing and using them. They may, at their own risk, transmit them to any employee of their choice. All use of the Login details shall be presumed to have been made by the Subscriber. Under no circumstances shall NATIXIS FACTOR be held responsible for unlawful, fraudulent or negligent use of the Login details.

2.4 As a security measure, three (3) incorrect attempts to login shall entail suspension of access to the Service. Likewise, the connection time is limited to thirty (30) minutes, after which Users should re-enter their login details.

2.5 If it proves impossible to login, the Subscriber or the User must notify NATIXIS FACTOR immediately by calling the manager of their factoring agreement and/or the Support service on

Article 3: FACTUREA Net services and functionalities

3.1. Description of the Service
NATIXIS FACTOR shall make available to the Subscriber the functions to enable Service Users to consult and exchange information, in particular the following functions, to:
- consult their accounts (position, balance, current account statement, etc.)
- consult their customer accounts;
- open customer accounts;
- transmit information and/or queries to NATIXIS FACTOR;
- request approval or broaden approval. If the request is refused, whether wholly or in part, it may be submitted for a second examination by NATIXIS FACTOR.
For some operations (Export, Contract excluding credit insurance) some sections of the website may not be available. Information on the website shall be disclosed subject to the transactions in place. The data that can be accessed on the site is updated daily on D (D being the consultation date). Monthly statements shall be deemed definitively accepted by the Subscriber if no written remark is made within thirty (30) calendar days of the date the statements are made available to the Subscriber. Furthermore, Subscribers have a statutory period of six (6) months in which to dispute these statements.

3.2. Additional services and Service changes

3.2.1 NATIXIS FACTOR may make optional modules available to the Subscriber to enable Users to download specific information, subject to acceptance of an estimate and special prices.
3.2.2 2 NATIXIS FACTOR may make changes to the Service and to these General Terms and Conditions of Use, to take account, in particular, of technical or regulatory changes. Subscribers shall be notified of the new features by any means. If Subscribers do not cancel their subscription to the Service within fifteen (15) days of the notification, they shall be deemed to have accepted these new features and/or the new Terms and Conditions of Use.

3.3. Accessibility to the Service and on-line support

3.3.1 In principle, the website and its various components can be consulted 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Paris time). Occasional maintenance, repair and upgrades may be made to the Service and the Website during which they may be temporarily unavailable. Data consulted and exchanged on the Website shall be protected by SSL 128-bit encryption.
3.3.2 As soon as Service access is opened, NATIXIS FACTOR shall make a support section available to Users to explain how to use the Service.

Article 4: Financial conditions

The Service subscription shall be subject to the prices set out in the pricing conditions of NATIXIS FACTOR presented to the Subscriber upon signature of the factoring agreement and which the Subscriber acknowledges it has read and accepted. The subscription price is understood to exclude the costs of connecting to the internet, which shall be paid by the Subscriber. The sums due shall be debited at the start of each month from the current account opened in the context of the factoring agreement by the Subscriber.

Article 5: Responsibilities

5.1 NATIXIS FACTOR undertakes to do its utmost to provide the Service to the User under optimum conditions. However, it shall not be responsible for the poor operation or non-operation of the Service, difficulties or impossibility of accessing the Service, Service disruption, incompatibility of the User's computer hardware and software or the User's misuse of any software required to connect to the Service.

5.2 The Subscriber shall be solely responsible for its own communication or for User communication, through the service, of data and information to NATIXIS FACTOR. It shall irrevocably cover NATIXIS FACTOR for all third-party recourse based on its communication and/or use by NATIXIS FACTOR of that data and/or information. Thus, the liability of NATIXIS FACTOR cannot be incurred under any circumstances on account of the communication of data and information to NATIXIS FACTOR by the Subscriber or the User.

5.3 The Subscriber shall be solely responsible for its own communication or for User communication, through the service, of data and information to NATIXIS FACTOR. It shall irrevocably cover NATIXIS FACTOR for all third-party recourse based on its communication and/or use by NATIXIS FACTOR of that data and/or information. Thus, the liability of NATIXIS FACTOR cannot be incurred under any circumstances on account of the communication of data and information to NATIXIS FACTOR by the Subscriber or the User.

Article 6: Intellectual property

The Service and its content (namely, images, photographs, videos, sound and text) shall be the property of NATIXIS FACTOR and constitute a work protected in France by the Intellectual Property Code, and abroad by the applicable international conventions on copyright. The reproduction of all or part of this website or its applications by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited without the express consent of the Publishing Director. Exploitation of these documents is strictly prohibited, as is their reproduction, representation, amendment or adaptation, whether wholly or in part. An infringement of the copyright shall be regarded as a counterfeiting offense punishable by three years' imprisonment and a EUR 300,000 fine, in accordance with Article L.335-2 of the Intellectual Property Code.

Any reproduction, wholly or in part, of the trademarks and logos named on this site is prohibited without the prior consent of (their proprietor/applicant), in accordance with Articles L.713-2 and L.713-3 of the Intellectual Property Code, and any other applicable national or international trademark laws. This is also the case for the databases on this site, whose content is likewise protected, namely, by the provisions of the law of 1 July 1998 relating to database protection, and by any other national or international laws in force.

Article 7: Term and cancellation

7.1 The Service subscription shall be for an indefinite term and shall automatically end three (3) months after the effective cancellation of the Factoring Agreement. Subscribers may cancel their subscription to the Service by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt sent to the registered office of NATIXIS FACTOR (postal address: 10-12 avenue Winston Churchill, 94676 Charenton-Le-Pont cedex), giving a period of notice of three (3) months.

7.2 Should Users or Subscribers fail to fulfill any of their obligations arising from these Legal Notices, the General Terms and Conditions of Use and/or their factoring agreement, NATIXIS FACTOR reserves the right to suspend immediately all or part of their access to the Service and/or to terminate this agreement automatically, eight (8) days after the dispatch of a letter of formal notice sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
The Subscriber and the User acknowledge that NATIXIS FACTOR may not be held liable vis-à-vis themselves or third parties, for any termination of their access to the Service under the conditions stipulated above.

Article 8: Personal data

8.1 In accordance with the regulations in force, in the context of the signature and performance of this factoring agreement and, more generally, in its commercial relationship with the Subscriber, NATIXIS FACTOR collects certain personal data relating to all natural persons having direct or indirect links to the Subscriber such as any potential legal representatives, proxy-holders, contact persons, agents, beneficial owners or any guarantors or underwriters.

8.2 Information explaining to the relevant persons how and for what purpose NATIXIS FACTOR intends to use this data and stating the corresponding retention period is set out in the information statement available permanently from the following address

8.3 The relevant persons have the right, at any point, under the conditions defined by law, to access, amend, object to, restrict, delete and give instructions regarding what is to be done with such data in the event of his or her death, as well as the option to file a claim with the relevant supervisory authorities.
To exercise these rights, the relevant persons must send their request to the controller at the following address: NATIXIS FACTOR - RISK MANAGEMENT AND COMPLIANCE DIVISION 10-12, avenue Winston Churchill 94676, Charenton-le-Pont Cedex, or by email to

NATIXIS FACTOR will provide information on any significant changes made to this information via one of its usual communication methods.

The Subscriber hereby accepts all of the provisions of this agreement and makes an undertaking to comply therewith.

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